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Heaven & Hell
Chapter III

The palace stood high, mixing with the clouds as they drifted by. The atmosphere was silent, no sounds could be heard out in the palace courtyards. Night was very close to falling, the sun just hit the horizon. The palace glowed a faint purple against the warm glow of the setting sun. It was placed, evenly in the center of Simple, standing where the country ended, and the city began.

Inside, sitting on a throne of pearl and velvet, sat Grandia; his features still remaining strikingly young. His jaw structure was handsome. He had dirty blonde hair shaping well around his face that was strong; he looked to be in his early thirties. He was rubbing his temples each with two fingers, his legs crossed, and his robes hanging comfortably off his limbs. He looked around his chamber, directly in front of him, was the doors leading out; they were made of diamond, and engraved with a fire and ice symbol.

In the corners were statues, great ones, four in counting. The one in the left corner directly behind him was a lion; it was on its hind legs about to attack, and opposite that was an even larger statue of a unicorn, it sparkled. Sitting on both sides of the massive doors were a set of Elvin statues. Human elves with blank eyes made of emerald, stood poise to the spot looking as though they were forever stuck looking as though they were bestowing a great prophecy onto the world.

Grandia stood up, alarming the several guardians situated around him, “Where is my bride to be?”

A guardian, looking fierce, took a moment to answer, “Lady Shana is on a volunteer duty, your majesty.”

“When is she to return?” Grandia asked, turning around quickly, his robes sweeping the floor behind him.

“She should be returning shortly.” The guardian took a bow, “Your majesty.”

Grandia’s chamber doors opened, moaning as they creaked on their hinges. A tall and lanky man walked in, his robes were dusty looking, and seemed to show his bony figure. His lips were pressed thin, and his cheek bones were high, his hair looked as though a whole tube of grease was used to oil it back, silk and smooth as ever. His eyebrows were hitched, giving the expression that he held everyone inferior to himself.

He cleared his throat with a small choking sound, before speaking, “Lord Grandia, Lady Destiny wishes to have a few words with you.”

Grandia stood up, as the thin man took a quick bow. He gave him a snare before shifting his emerald colored eyes to the chamber doors, as a silhouetted figure stood, looking rather tiny compared to the colossal doors surrounding her. He flicked the hair from his face, signaling his messenger out, while ushering the lady in with a rushed gesture of his hand.

Lady Destiny walked towards him, she stood high, and her strides had a hint of pride in them, she was unfazed by being in the presence of her emperor. Her long platinum colored hair swayed behind her back as she walked. Braids decorated with beads of pearls that glittered off the walls. Her wolf eyes were hard focused on Grandia, and mixed with various shades of green, with the slightest hint of scarlet. She was an attractive young woman, quite built athletically; she seemed to be wearing an exterior of a Knightress.  

She didn’t bow before speaking, and when she did her voice echoed all over the chamber, “I know what you’re planning to do!”

Grandia looked oblivious to what Destiny was talking about for a second, until a dawning smirk crawled across his lips, “Oh?”

The guards spread across his chambers all took an alerted foot forwards, ready to defend their emperor. Grandia shook his head, and motioned for them to leave him and Destiny alone to talk. They exchanged confusing looks before bowing their heads in comprehension and leaving, only after the door closed shut, did Grandia speak, “And whatever might that be, Destiny?”

“I know what you’re planning to do with my sister.” Destiny snapped, “And I won’t allow it to happen.”

“Is that so?” Grandia asked, his eyes narrowing in amusement, “You’re not taking the role of the enabler, after all?”

“I’ll make sure I stop you from doing this.” Destiny exclaimed, glaring.

“What will you do?” Grandia asked, before leaning over and talking in a low voice, “Or the question is, what can you do?”

“I’ll make sure you don’t land a hand on my sister.” Destiny said, “I’m telling her tonight, all about your intentions of using her.”

“Using her?” Grandia said, in a phony up voice of shock, as if he was insulted, “Is that the best you can do to cover up your jealously?”

Destiny clenched her hand over her sword’s bulbous handle as it lay in its stealth, “I won’t allow it!”

“Yes, yes,” Grandia sighed, rolling his eyes, “You’ve made that point quite clear.”

“You won’t use my sister to up your rankings in bigwig land!” Destiny snapped.

Grandia chuckled, shaking his head slowly, “I must admit, you’re quite intelligent Destiny. But, rest assured that I’ll make it my personal duty to make sure you’re in the deepest pit of misery before even attempting to tell Shana my plans.”

“No!” Destiny snapped, her rage building, “You, Grandia can rest assured that I’ll make sure you regret ever taking my sister’s hand in marriage.”

“Oh, I have yet to dawn the news on her, my dear.” Grandia explained, smirking, “but, if you’re going to be a party pooper and ruin the surprise, then I think banishment is in order.”

As if on cue, Grandia’s guardians that left before, were now charging in, covered head to tow in a solid robe of an undistinguishable color, axes strapped to their back. Destiny saw through the slits in there masks, that their eyes were boiling red, and staring at her. Before she could have time to act, two of the biggest guards grabbed her by the arms, tightly. Destiny yelped in pain as she heard a joint in her right arm pop. She still managed to struggle, putting up a good fight with her free legs. She suddenly ceased when she felt something sharp slide down her back, a cold running sensation told her, she was bleeding. A set of arms wrapped around her stomach, pulling tightly, enclosing her in a net of human guards.

It was getting more and more difficult to breathe, and the gash set in Destiny’s back made it to agonizing to try and fight back. Black spots were starting to appear over her vision, and she felt darkness, crawling like a spider across her. One last blow to the head set Destiny into a world of complete darkness.
Chapter 3 is up! ^_^
This chapter features Destiny Spira, and Grandia, the emperor himself. I really ask of you guys to read this, and tell me what you think.
That'd be awesome. ^^
I'll most likely work on the second part to this chapter later on tonight.
Enjoy it guys.
Tell me what you think.

PS: The picture I used as a preview is suppose to give you an idea of what Grandia looks like. I didn't draw it, of course.
PSS: After three chapters, I think I'll draw some pictures to give you a better illustration of what the characters actually look like.
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Shanni-chan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006
Poor Delphine, gets her ass handed to her. ;_;

maloe Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*moment of silence*

Oh, don't worry. Des gets her revenge. xP
kchangita Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006
Didn't you end your Pokemon story the exact same way? (PS, where's the rest of that? XD)
And I may draw you fan-art for this at some point in time, beeotch.
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I did. xD
But, I am going to continue.
I can't add all of one chapter into the same submission, it'd take to long.
So I have to submit in parts. xP
Oh, this will surely continue.

And I would love you forever if you made fanart. <3
kchangita Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006
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