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Heaven & Hell
Written by: Melissa Crowell
Co Written by: Shannon Seifert

          The sun shone through the silver lining of  the clouds that were covering the far lands of Nova, a feeling a misery glooming in them. Fresh dew laired on the gravel that defined the pathway to the tall castle that held many significant people behind it’s’ walls. The clouds were feeling particularly miserable today due to the fair amount of blood shed that was raining, and mixing with the dew from which just rain from the very clouds above.  The courtyards scattered amongst the Holy land echoed with raging battles. However, this was nothing close to mere man to man competition.

          Wings; Angelic ones violently thrashed from the impact that each solider was laying on the other. It appeared that angels, known to be keepers of peace and the Holy were clashing, metal with metal, swords with swords, against foes, that had quite the set of wings on, sprouting from their backs, hovering them inches from the ground. These, on the other side, were dark, ripped in various places, and you could see the blood pulsing through them; Quite the opposite from the Angels whose wings were growing with a golden aura. More or less, this was a battle between Good and Evil. The battles continued, each soldier having faces hidden behind darkened stares.

          Scurried footsteps hastily made their way up the many spiral sets of stairs that constructed half of the crystal palace that just outside, blooded battles of Good and Evil were going down. A warrior, not much different from the fighters in the battlefield, painfully made his way towards a massive set of doors, engraved with a fire and ice element into it’s pure diamond exterior. He had his own set of angelic wings, although his seemed more ruffed up, black, and stained with blood. He picked up speed as the large doors became closer into his reach, and threw himself against the doors. He stumbled into what could’ve been mistaken for the Royal Chambers. The battered warrior rested on his knees, panting, sweat running down his face, and saliva racing down his chin, “My... Q-Queen… S-Serenity…”

          A woman, not much older than the warrior, quickly turned her vision towards the wounded man, her platinum blond hair cascading around and over her shoulder. She peered at him, her sapphire eyes alarmed. She quickly mounted from her throne which was covered from top to bottom in diamonds, and pearls, not much different from anything else in the castle. She lifted her long white robes and took quick strides to the warrior’s side, “What ever seems to be the problem. Foster?”

          The angel warrior now identified as Foster, struggled to his feet, but failed resulting in a painful shock. Foster wore a suit of armor quite different from the usual angelic warrior; he was the General of the Battle Angels, a fleet of special soldiers marked with their own unique style and power of fighting. It was his job to make sure they got any job of theirs finished. He wiped his brow painfully and opened his chalky mouth, trying to explain the situation, “The angels are running low, your Highness, and the Evil’s are advancing, making their way towards the castle gates,” he winced silently but continued, “I’m afraid if we don’t pull the Battle Angels and the few remaining soldiers out now, your castle may be over run. And I think you’re quite aware what will happen if such a thing like that is done!”

          Queen Serenity swallowed hard, a feeling of just swallowing a peach pit no forming in her stomach. Her eyes hardened as did her face, she helped Foster to his feet, and over to a velvet chair that stuck out quite awkwardly amongst the bright shining of the diamonds and pearls. He sighed, savoring a few moments of rest. She was quite aware of what would happen, but she was dreading that it wouldn’t come to this; not now at least.

          “I’m quite aware of the circumstances, Foster.” Serenity said after a few moments of tense silence, “But what will happen to me is not as important was what will happen to my people if immediate action is not put into place.”

          Foster opened his eyes and looked at his Queen, her aura glowing in his brown eyes. He was exhausted, but from the determined look in his face, he was not ready to let his Queen done, especially now that she needed him so badly.

          “We all should be worrying about the people of this Kingdom, and the future that I know they will have. After all, it is the people who defy a Kingdom, is it not?”

          Foster nodded his head, “Just give me the word, my Queen.”

          Serenity’s hardened look softened a bit. She leaned out of the tower window, and glanced down at the battles taking place, she stared at the scenery for awhile, thinking, eventually turning back, although she didn’t want to. She forced herself to look at Foster, “You know… I would give anything to be down there, fighting with those most loyal to me.”

          Foster gave her an alarmed look, and opened his mouth to protest, but Serenity raised her hand, and he quickly silenced himself, “I know… a very foolish idea.”

          Foster half smiled at his Queen, and rose to his feet, satisfied with a few moments of being off his feet, “What are the commands?”

          Serenity frowned, she felt miserable, but forced a gentle smile over her lips before looking at Foster, she opened her mouth, and in a forced tone of confidence she gave her order, “Foster, I want you to pull in all remaining angelic warriors, and every Battle Angel that survived, and bring them back to my chamber.” He gave her a look, and then a dawning look of comprehension came upon his face, and he understood what plan of action she was going to take, he was wanted to have a say, but Serenity cut him off, “When you get back I will explain everything.”

          Foster walked to the door, hands on the golden handles, until the call of his named stopped him in mid action, “Foster! Wait!”

          He turned to his Queen, as she approached him, “Where is Victoria?”

          “The Queen of Middle Earth has been brought to a safe place, my Queen, as you should be doing right now. The Royal Chambers aren’t going to remain safe for very much longer.” Foster explained, giving his Queen a reassuring nod.

          “Forget that, Foster, I am fine here.” Serenity protested, snapping a little.

          Foster sighed, his face twisting, he was still in pain, “I shall go fetch the angels, I will be back shortly.”

          “Stay safe.” Serenity said in small voice, gently touching his shoulder.

          Foster felt his mouth muscles flex into a small smile before he bowed to his Queen and moved on to his duty.

          Serenity made her way back to her throne, as she heard Foster’s footsteps echoing fast, issuing that he was running faster then his physical health would let him.  She sat down slowly, her face was back to a gentle expression but her thinking wasn’t. Her mind was running faster than her heart was beating, she thought of what her future plan of the Kingdom would turn out to be like in the end of things. She didn’t want to go through with her plan only to have it backfire. She was willing to take the chance, the war between the Upper and Lower Kingdoms weren’t getting any better, not showing any signs of slowing down. This had to be done… for the better good… if there was going to be one in the end.

          Serenity stood up, her restlessness not allowing her to sit still for long periods of time. She swayed over the tower’s window, and sat upon the cold ledge, peering down at the battles, once again. Another wave of misery washed over her, making her bones feel cold, and she shivered. How she wished she could bring this to an abrupt end without the loss of any life.

          “Oh, there’s nothing that I can do!” Serenity exclaimed, speaking to herself, “Nothing at all. I wish there was a way around this… oh, oh, how I wish everything didn’t have to come down to this… “

Her speech was quickly drowned out by a thunderstorm of footsteps making their way to her Royal Chambers, her heart beat quickened, and she knew the moment was quickly approaching. Foster broke through the door rather harshly, occupied by elite of angelic soldiers and Battle Angels. They all still wore darkened stares, and every visual area was covered in battle scars. There angelic wings, however, were brighter than usual, filling the space with some type of false faith.

          “I received all I could, your Highness.” He had a grim look on his face, as he said this. He stepped aside, letting his Queen address the army of the Kingdom.

           Serenity scanned the faces of the warriors, all of them seemed quite pleased to be graced with their Queen’s presence, it was a nice sight for sore eyes that seen more bloodshed in a day, then in the past century, the crowd wasn’t big at all, “Are these all that remain alive?”

          Foster seemed to be staring at his feet, but forced a look at his Queen, “I’m afraid most angelic soldiers refused my orders.” He frowned as he noticed Serenity’s look of sadness, “They said they would rather stay and fight to the death then risk any chance of letting those filthy Evils graze a finger on their Kingdom’s palace.”

          A stab of thoughtfulness found it’s way into Serenity’s stomach, she appreciated the loyalty in her soldiers, but would of rather had them all her, in the end it didn’t matter of the Evils did touch the palace with a single finger or an army of foes. She was even hoping that she wouldn’t give them even the speck of time to be able to blink in the direction of the palace. A cough caught Serenity’s attention, and brought her out of her thinking land. A Battle Angel, was staring at her, expressing that he wished to say something, she nodded, letting him speak.

          It was a man, quite possibly the tallest of the lot, and his black hair was dripping with blood, he seemed to be bleeding from an injury to the head. His eyes were golden, but even the brightness couldn’t hold in his look of melancholy. He opened his mouth to speak, his voice rang throughout the chamber, both harmonically and powerful, “My Queen,“ he bowed slightly, “I am sad to address to you that some of the Battle Angels seemed to have refused orders as well. As well, as a few of them seemed to not have survived.”

          Serenity’s mouth trembled, and her eyes burned, ‘Oh, why, why did this have to happen?” she thought.

          She heard Foster sigh beside her, as she nodded to the warrior in appreciation.

          “I’ve called you all back from battle, to explain to you the plan of action in which I am putting in play. This may come as a shock, but I am doing this, so my Kingdom may have a future.” She said this carefully, “I’ve made a decision. It may take all I have, but I will not rest until I am sure that this Kingdom goes untouched by evil.”

          Foster shuffled on his feet, waiting for an opening, he found one, and quickly stumbled on his protest, “My- My Queen… there must be another way.”

          Serenity shook her head softly, “No. It’s too late to take a different path. Just trust me, all of you, when I tell you that you’re life’s are far from over.”

          A few nervous glances were exchanged and mirrored from one angel to another. Serenity could tell that they all wanted more details, but dared not to push their Queen for questioning. Foster looked as though we was about to heave up his insides, “ But my Queen! The Battle Angels are possibly the greatest weapons in history. You just can’t banish them all.”

          Serenity was expecting that Foster was hoping to cut through her defenses, but it wasn’t working. She looked at him, “Foster,” she spoke softly, “You understand so little… I wish it was easy to comprehend, but one day you’ll know everything.”

          “How do expect us to know everything when we’ll be dead, long forgotten in an untold historical tale!?” Foster breathed.

          “Just trust me.” Serenity pleaded, “I ask of you, with this last duty I bestow onto you, can you just trust me?”

          Foster looked at her for a few second, he was about to say something, but instead stopped himself, silently admitting defeat. He nodded, staring down at the floor once more.

          “You, me, angelic warriors, Battle Angels, even the Half Breeds will see their Kingdom again, I promise.” Serenity whispered to Foster, was surprised too see tears forming in his rough eyes.

          “Yes… yes... my Queen.” Foster trembled, quietly.

          With that Serenity shifted her attention to the group of warriors before her.

          “Now, it's the time to tell you that everything that you’ve seen from present time and before will be completely erased. Do you understand?”

          “What about Middle Earth?” the same Battle Angel from before spoke, his voice still ringing powerful, “What will happen to it?”

          “Well…” Serenity sighed, “They will remain, but completely oblivious to our course of events. But… however, they will be playing a significant role in this.”

          “And what is that?” Foster asked, “What is to be done about Victoria?”

          “I know you worry about her, and your future with her, Foster,” Serenity answered, “But don’t worry… they will be safe.”

          Foster quickly looked away from Serenity, and once again at the floor.

          Serenity scanned the faces of the angels, and a surprised smile came to her face. They all beamed at her, ready for whatever their Queen had in store. Serenity took a deep breath, she was shaking badly, her insides craning around, making impossible for her to wait anything longer.

           And then, all events from there, moved so fast, like a slideshow of pictures.
Yeah, I found a copy of the orignal story in my room, thinking that I lost all existence of Heaven and Hell, but alas I did not. I reread it, and noticed it needed some major editting, even though I'm far from being a grammar nazi, I tired my best to edit it, and I even changed a lot of it. It has a total of I think.. 4 chapters, but I'll be submitting them in chapters... which I think is quite obvious. So, yeah.. here it is.

But first I must explain to you, that Heaven and Hell was created by me, with help from Shanno of course. Characters, and everything. ME! ME! AND ME! I would describe the story, but that woul ruin things for you guys. ;D

Well, here it is.. CHAPTER ONE.
It's different from the orignal ORIGNAL one, which was written in 2003, this version of written in 2004, and editttedd... TONIGHT. Which so happens to be 2006. So, we're celebrating Heaven and Hell's third year of existence. YAYAAYYYY!


Here is.. Chapter one.
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Shanni-chan Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
Thanks for spelling my last name wrong! O.<;

So I love it, anyways! <3

That's how everything started....~.~;

I can't wait to read more. :heart:
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry. ^^;
It's another challenge of mine... spelling last names right. ;p

I HAVE CHAPTER 2 UP. Part one of it though.. Shana appears in Part 2, which is coming soon.


Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it.
kchangita Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
Cool, I like the idea!
Can't wait to read more, m'dear.
I'm also up for editing it as well, if you indeed feel the need for it!
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have 4 chapters so far, I think.
So I'll definitly be putting more up.
And thanks.
I'm glad people actually take the time to read it. ;p
paint-a-picture Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006
wow mel. that is quite amazing i must say. i'm definitely impressed. :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks Sarah, for reading it. :D :D
paint-a-picture Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2006
anytime mel, i liked it. :D you're quite the talented one, i must say. :heart:
xprettypoisonx Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006
Hey Mel!

It's good to see you have this piece up finally. It's one of your first, and best, ones. If you ever want someone to edit it for you -- do the grammar, etc -- then I'm always around and hey, sometimes I have nothing better to do. *grins*

Thumbs up, girlfriend.

Keep writing!
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You really do that? ^^
I 1009238089% trust your editting.
You could edit this if you'd like.. or I'll stop being lazy and edit it. xP
I'll send the second chapter to you sometime, so you can add anythign you'd think would fit. :D
Tricoloredvision Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006
kinda long...but it's very guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!!!!!!!!
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:D :D
Why, thank you.
I only met for it to reach two pages, but it reached four instead. ^^;
Tricoloredvision Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
hahahah...anyway I really like it...maybe it's a lil' long but when I read it I felt like I was in the was simply excellent!
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